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Financial sustainability

Financial resources, other ways of meeting scheme costs, employer support, Costs, Assets and Liquidity Plan, and financial reserves for collective defined contribution (CDC) pension schemes.

Financial sustainability: overview

Overview of the different ways that CDC schemes can satisfy us they have access to sufficient financial resources to operate.

Financial resources

Making sure that the scheme has access to sufficient financial resources to meet the costs following a triggering event.

Other ways of meeting scheme costs

Alternatives to employer support and financial reserves that we will consider when assessing the scheme's financial sustainability.

Employer support

Relying on employer support to finance the scheme and to replace the scheme’s financial reserves.

Costs, assets and liquidity plan (CALP)

The costs, assets and liquidity plan for key financial information to help us assess if the scheme meets financial sustainability requirements.

Financial reserves and haircuts

Requirements to apply discounts to the value of assets that the scheme holds in any reserves that it maintains.