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Register a pension scheme with The Pensions Regulator (TPR)

Information on how and when to register a pension scheme with us. 

Published: 29 September 2023


You cannot register with TPR unless the scheme has first registered with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). It can take up to six months for HMRC to complete their checks and confirm the scheme is registered with them.

How scheme registration works

  1. The scheme administrator applies to register the scheme with HMRC.
  2. If the scheme is approved and registered, HMRC share details with us.
  3. We send an email to one of the contacts given by HMRC. This contains a link to questions they should answer to confirm if the scheme needs to register.
  4. If the scheme must register, more information will need to be submitted to us.
  5. If the scheme does not need to register, you’ll see a screen confirming this.

Receiving the registration email

In most cases, we send the registration email to the scheme administrator who registered the scheme with HMRC. 

The scheme administrator role has a specific definition under HMRC guidance.

You cannot forward the email as the link to the eligibility questions will not work. To get the registration email sent to a different person, contact us.

Schemes that must register

Even if you do not think the scheme needs to register, you should still complete the eligibility questions we send you.

Workplace (occupational) pensions registered with HMRC must be registered with us if they have more than one member. 

The following scheme types do not need to be registered with us:

  • personal pension schemes (including SIPPs) – where there will only ever be one member
  • death in service and life assurance schemes – which only provide benefits upon death of a member

Group personal pension (GPP) schemes 

If an employer joins an existing GPP scheme they do not need to register the scheme as the pension provider (normally an insurance company) will already have registered it.

If you're not sure if a GPP is registered, contact us to check.

Master trusts

There is a separate authorisation process for master trust providers.

If the scheme becomes registrable later

If the scheme’s circumstances change, for example the member count increases, contact us to register the scheme.

What happens if a scheme is not registered

You have three months from the date the scheme first meets the criteria for registration to register your scheme with us. 

This is a legal requirement. The scheme trustees or scheme managers could face a fine if they do not register on time.

Back payment of the levy

You’ll need to back pay the levy if you register late. We'll contact you to request previous membership figures so we can calculate the levies that you should have paid.

After the scheme is registered