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Regulatory intervention reports

Reports about cases where we have used, or considered using, our regulatory powers.

This is part of our commitment to being open and transparent in our regulatory activities.

How we publish information about cases

This guide sets out our approach to publishing information under section 89 of the Pensions Act 2004 about regulatory and enforcement decisions:


Keytec (GB) Limited - Regulatory intervention report
Published: July 2021
How we worked with Keytec (GB) Limited, its parent company Turbon AG, and the pension scheme trustees to reach a settlement that achieved the best possible outcome for members without the need for us to use our anti-avoidance powers. 

Sanofi Section of the Sanofi Pension Scheme - Regulatory intervention report
Published: June 2021
How we worked with Sanofi SA and the trustees to reach a settlement that achieved the best possible outcome for members without the need to use our anti-avoidance powers.

Focusplay Retirement Benefits Scheme - Regulatory intervention report
Published: March 2021
Summarises our fraud prosecution and joint working with partner agencies against an accountant who abused his position.

Silentnight Group DB Scheme - Regulatory intervention report
Published: March 2021
How we used our anti-avoidance powers when a defined benefit (DB) scheme was severed from its sponsoring employer.

Yateley Industries for the Disabled Pension and Assurance Scheme - Regulatory intervention report
Published: February 2021
This report shows how we began confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 to recover money misappropriated in a fraud.

Merchant Navy Ratings Pension Fund - Regulatory intervention report
Published: December 2020
Highlighting the governance standards we expect of trustees and the action we will take when the required standards are not met.

National Institute of Agricultural Botany pension scheme - Regulatory intervention report
Published: August 2020
In this case we considered using our anti-avoidance powers as the pension scheme was at risk as a result of a historic organisational restructure. After months of settlement discussions and the issue of a Warning Notice, the pension scheme is now in a much stronger position and has two statutory employers.

Bernard Matthews Limited - Regulatory intervention report
Published: July 2020
Summarises our investigation into the circumstances leading to the scheme’s entry to the Pension Protection Fund after the company’s insolvency, and why we didn’t use our anti-avoidance powers.

House of Fraser - Regulatory intervention report
Published: February 2020
The investigation into the House of Fraser following its collapse and our decision not to use our anti-avoidance powers after its business and assets were sold to a company owned by Sports Direct in a pre-pack agreement. 

Arcadia Group Limited - Regulatory intervention report
Published: January 2020
The company voluntary agreement (CVA) undertaken by Arcadia Group in 2019 and what we expect of employers in CVA scenarios and the principles we will assess them against.

London Borough of Barnet Superannuation Fund - Regulatory intervention report
Published: October 2019
Our first ever Improvement Notice sent to a public service pension scheme solely focused on internal control failures. As a result of our intervention the scheme manager introduced robust internal controls and no further action was taken.

Moore Stephens Pensions Master Trust and - Regulatory intervention report
Published: September 2019
The First-Tier Tribunal's decision that penalties should be imposed in two separate cases after trustees appealed the chair’s statement fines we issued in 2018.

Marcus Johnson, Lynda Turner and Andrew Stowers - Regulatory intervention report
PDF 157KB , 6 pages
Published: September 2019
Three professional trustees have agreed to never again act as trustees of occupational pension schemes as a result of action by TPR. The outcome was achieved through settlement, rather than having to refer the case to the Determinations Panel to issue a Prohibition Order.
Oxfordshire County Council Pension Fund – Regulatory Intervention Report
PDF 807KB , 8 pages
Published: April 2019
Our engagement with Oxfordshire County Council’s pension scheme - including an Improvement Notice - led to substantial improvements in its governance and administration.
GKN PLC Pension Schemes - Regulatory intervention report
PDF 272KB , 7 pages
Published: March 2019
Our case involving GKN and how we expect employers, advisers and trustees to work during a mergers and acquisitions process when there is a defined benefit pension scheme involved.
Johnston Press Pension Plan - Regulatory intervention report
PDF 153KB , 6 pages
Published: March 2019
Our investigation into the Johnston Press Pension Plan after the Johnston Press Group went into administration and its business and assets were sold as part of a pre-pack deal. We concluded there was no evidence to use our anti-avoidance powers.
Now: Pensions – Regulatory Intervention Report
PDF 235KB , 8 pages
Published: February 2019
Our intervention after receiving notification of the failure to monitor employer contributions. We used five powers in this case: a Skilled Person’s Report, an Improvement Notice, a Third Party Notice, a Penalty Notice and a Section 10 fine.
Southern Water Pension Scheme - Regulatory intervention report
PDF 367KB , 12 pages
Published: December 2018
As a result of our intervention Southern Water agreed to pay higher deficit repair contributions to the pension scheme as it was being treated unfairly compared with the company’s shareholders.
Scottish Teachers' Pension scheme - Regulatory intervention report
PDF 123KB , 8 pages
Published: October 2018
The action we took after the Scottish Teachers Pension Scheme failed to provide Benefit Information Statements to its scheme members. This was the first time we issued an Improvement Notice to a public service pension scheme.
Salvus Master Trust - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 132KB , 5 pages
Published: October 2018
We fined the Salvus Master Trust trustees £5,000 after they reported to us that they had failed to invest pension contributions received since 2014.
Martin Currie Investment Management - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 69KB , 11 pages
Published: September 2018
The reasons we granted clearance for the agreement between Martin Currie Investment Management and its Retirement and Death Benefits Plan.
British Steel Pension Scheme - Regulatory intervention report
PDF 173KB , 17 pages
Published: February 2018
The background behind the decision to grant clearance for a regulated apportionment arrangement (RAA) for the British Steel Pension Scheme.
Nortel Networks UK Pension Plan - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 524KB , 8 pages
Published: September 2017
How the use of our anti avoidance powers (particularly financial support directions) helped the trustees achieve a settlement of over £1 billion for the pension plan.
London Borough of Barnet - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 66KB , 5 pages
Published: July 2017
The first time TPR fined a public service pension scheme – we fined the London Borough of Barnet £1,000 for its failure to submit a scheme return for its local government pension scheme.
Ashley Wilson Solicitors LLP / Patrick John McLarry - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 74KB , 9 pages
Published: July 2017
The failure in two cases to comply with s72 information notices and the subsequent regulatory action that we took.
BHS pension schemes - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 513KB , 45 pages
Published: June 2017
What happened after BHS collapsed, the regulatory action we took (including Warning Notices against several targets) and details of the settlement process.
Coats Group Plc - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 91KB , 8 pages
Published: June 2017
Our action that led to thread manufacturer Coats Group agreeing a settlement worth £329.5 million with the pension scheme trustees. This included the threat of using a financial support direction (FSD).
Hoover Limited - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 79KB , 8 pages
Published: June 2017
Our decision to approve a Regulated Apportionment Arrangement (RAA) for the household appliances brand Hoover.
Johnsons Shoes Company - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 198KB , 6 pages
Published: May 2017
Johnsons Shoes Company failed to meet their deadline for automatic enrolment. Their lack of action eventually led to an escalating penalty of £40,000, which the company has paid.
5G Futures - Regulatory Intervention report 
PDF 230KB , 6 pages
Published: April 2017
Why the Determinations Panel prohibited John Williams and Susan Huxley, the trustees of the 5G Futures Pension scheme, from being trustees of any other pension scheme again. The case involved pension liberation and breaches of investment and governance duties.
Teachers' Pension Scheme - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 59KB , 5 pages
Published: February 2017
The failure of the administrators of the Teachers’ Pension Scheme to supply end of year certificates and how our engagement with the employers meant we achieved a good outcome for the scheme without having to use our powers.
Nurture Master Trust and Save and Prosper Funds - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 77KB , 5 pages
Published: January 2017
In the case of the Nurture Master Trust, the report examines the lead up to the decision to impose a £2,000 fine on the professional trustee, MC Trustees, for the failure to prepare a chair’s statement. A fine was paid by Save and Prosper for the same reason.
Monarch Airlines - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 129KB , 7 pages
Published: December 2016
Our involvement in Greybull Capital’s acquisition of Monarch Airlines, our consideration of using Contribution Notice and Financial Support Direction anti-avoidance powers, and our decision to approve a Regulated Apportionment Agreement.
Database Group - Regulatory Intervention report
PDF 99KB , 5 pages
Published: October 2016
After we threatened to use our Financial Support Direction and/or Contribution Notice anti-avoidance powers, the parties who had applied to us for clearance agreed to buy out the scheme members’ benefits in full.
New Station Bodyworks - failing to complete a scheme return: regulatory intervention report
PDF 101KB , 4 pages
Published: October 2016
We fined the trustees of the New Station Bodyworks Limited Retirement Benefit Scheme and the M Holleran Pension Plan £300 each after they failed to complete a scheme return.
DCT Civil Engineering - Regulatory intervention report
PDF 83KB , 5 pages
Published: October 2016
The involvement of TPR and the Pension Protection Fund in DCT Civil Engineering’s DB scheme after a 2010 deed moved the scheme from a defined benefit to defined contribution scheme. We used our power under s67G of the 1995 Pensions Act to modify the deed.
Precision Carbide Tools, Comshare and EBC - Regulatory intervention report
PDF 192KB , 4 pages
Published: August 2016
We fined Pitmans Trustees, professional trustees who acted for a number of schemes, £2,000 for failure to provide a chair’s statement.
Halcrow Pension Scheme - Regulatory intervention report 
PDF 96KB , 13 pages
Published: July 2016
Our decision to approve a Regulated Apportionment Arrangement (RAA) in relation to the Halcrow Pension Scheme.
Abbey Manor Group Pension Scheme - Regulatory Intervention report 
PDF 72KB , 3 pages
Published: June 2016
Our decision to fine the trustees of the Abbey Manor Group Pension Scheme £500 for failing to prepare a chair’s statement.
Swindon Town Football Company Limited - Regulatory Intervention report 
PDF 50KB , 6 pages
Published: April 2016
The failure by Swindon Town Football Company to put its eligible employees into a pension scheme from their start date. We issued the company with an Escalating Penalty Notice (EPN) that increased by £2,500 per day. The final fine paid was nearly £23,000.
Docklands Light Railway Pension Scheme - Section 89 report
PDF 68KB , 6 pages
Published: September 2015
We considered using our s231 powers after the trustees of the scheme failed to meet their deadlines for the 2009 and 2012 valuations. A settlement worth £37m was eventually reached between the trustees, Serco and Docklands Light Railway Pension Scheme.
Carrington Wire - Section 89 report
PDF 90KB , 5 pages
Published: May 2015
This report concerns the sale of Carrington Wire Limited (CWL) to Severstal and the sale of CWL for £1 to Richard Williams. Our regulatory action (including consideration of our Contribution Notice powers) resulted in in an offer of £8.5 million towards the pension deficit of £17.7 million towards directors based in Russia.
Desmond and Sons - Section 89 report
PDF 49KB , 4 pages
Published: May 2015
The Contribution Notices (CNs) issued by the Determinations Panel against two former shareholders of Desmond & Sons. The shareholders appealed the CNs, and after they reached a confidential settlement the trustees of the former company’s pension scheme, the CN was withdrawn.
LPA Umbrella Trust - Section 89 report
Published: November 2014
We were concerned that the main purpose of the LPA Umbrella Trust and its related schemes was to provide a cash payment to the member rather than member benefits. Following our intervention the schemes were wound up and members who had transferred were encouraged to contact The Pensions Advisory Service in line with the scams campaign.
UK Coal - Section 89 report
PDF 51KB , 6 pages
Published: November 2014
The restructuring of UK Coal and TPR’s intervention to ensure that the interests of the pension scheme were protected. It should be read in conjunction with the January 2013 section 89 report.
Kodak Pension Plan - Section 89 report
PDF 47KB , 6 pages
Published: November 2014
This report examines what happened to the Kodak Pension Plan after its US parent company, the Eastman Kodak Company filed for bankruptcy. A Regulated Apportionment Arrangement (RAA) was approved and this report analyses the backdrop to that decision.
MG Rover Group senior pension scheme - Section 89 report
PDF 38KB , 4 pages
Published: November 2014
The actions that led to MGR Capital Limited paying £8.085m towards the MG Rover Group senior pension scheme, meaning that the scheme was wound up without the involvement of the Pension Protection Fund.
Lehman Brothers pension scheme - Section 89 report
PDF 44KB , 4 pages
Published: August 2014
The decision to issue Financial Support Direction (FSD) notices to the UK company responsible for the American bank’s UK operations. The settlement was sufficient to buy out members’ benefits in full.
Dunelm Soft Furnishings Ltd - Section 89 report
PDF 52KB , 4 pages
Published: April 2014
Dunelm Soft Furnishings had failed to complete automatic enrolment on time for some of its employees. This report details the investigation that took place, and how Dunelm paid £108,000 in unpaid contributions.
MF Global - Section 89 report
PDF 73KB , 2 pages
Published: October 2013
The actions the we took regarding MF Global’s defined benefit scheme after the company entered insolvency. A settlement was agreed which meant that the scheme was wound up outside the Pension Protection Fund.
UK Coal - Section 89 report
PDF 74KB , 5 pages
Published: January 2013
The restructuring of UK Coal into two separate businesses, highlighting the process that led to the pension fund taking control of the company.
GP Noble Trustees Ltd (GPNT) - Section 89 report
PDF 101KB , 3 pages
Published: July 2012
Our investigation into GP Noble Trustees Limited as we were concerned about how they were investing scheme assets. As a result of our action, including suspending the trustee and appointing an independent trustee, £36m of members’ money was recovered.
British Midland Airways Limited Pension and Life Assurance Scheme - Section 89 report
PDF 93KB , 4 pages
Published: May 2012
Our decision to approve a Regulated Apportionment Arrangement (RAA) for the pension scheme of British Midland Airways, a subsidiary of Lufthansa. A settlement was achieved that meant the scheme received £16 million, a significantly better result than had the company gone into insolvency.
Uniq - revised section 89 report
PDF 103KB , 5 pages
Published: May 2013
The case of Uniq PLC, a company that had a pension scheme with a very large pension deficit. A Regulated Apportionment Arrangement (RAA) was approved, that saw the pension scheme take control of 90.2% of the company and list on AIM. The company was subsequently acquired by Greencore foods for £113 million.
Hugh Mackay Retirement Benefits Scheme - Section 89 report
PDF 85KB , 3 pages
Published: January 2012
The action we took over governance issues for the pension scheme of Hugh Mackay. The scheme was investing in unsuitable areas such as direct property investments, and as a result we prohibited the trustees.
Polestar - Section 89 report
PDF 117KB , 3 pages
Published: October 2011
The background to the restructuring of Polestar Group and the subsequent impact on the pension scheme. The decision was ultimately made by the trustee to wind up the scheme.
Great Lakes - Section 89 report
PDF 114KB , 2 pages
Published: July 2011
The effect on the Great Lakes pension scheme after its US sponsoring employer the Chemtura Group went into administration. After threatening to use our financial support direction powers, the Chemtura Group agreed to make a contribution of £60m to the scheme.
Bonas - Section 89 report
PDF 68KB , 2 pages
Published: June 2011
The issue of our first ever Contribution Notice (CN). This power allows us to intervene where an employer avoids responsibilities to a pension scheme. In this case the CN was for £60,000.
GEC 1972 Plan (telent) - Section 89 report
PDF 50KB , 6 pages
Published: April 2008
The issues we identified around the proposal by the Pension Corporation to acquire telent PLC. As a result of our intervention (which included appointing an independent trustee), the Pension Corporation agreed to a range of measures including a conflict of interests protocol.