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If you have a number of clients that you need to complete the declaration of compliance for, you can save time by uploading a single file with multiple declarations.

By following the steps below you can add each of your clients' details to a single file and submit all of their records together through our declaration of compliance file upload service.

Log in or sign up

  1. visit our declaration of compliance online service
  2. on the declaration homepage, log in using your client's details
  3. access the agent dashboard
  4. click 'Complete multiple declarations'
  5. tell us what type of file you are uploading — declaration or re-declaration
  6. select your .csv file by clicking ‘Choose File’ 

Completing the file

The file you upload must be in CSV format and can be no more than 5MB in size – you will need to download our template (CSV, 3KB) from the declaration website and add your clients' details to this file.

You must not move, edit or delete any of the column headings in the template, as these are required for the declarations to be processed. Each row represents one declaration for one employer.

For help in completing the file take a look at our user guides. These provide a list of all the data items to be included in the declaration or re-declaration and whether they are mandatory or not. If the data item is not required the cell can be left blank.

Uploading the file

  1. click on 'Browse', select your file, and click 'Open'
  2. now click ‘Upload your file’ - this will automatically check that your file is formatted correctly and includes the mandatory information
  3. correct any errors in the file that have been highlighted. Repeat this step until no further errors are found and the system tells you that the file has been accepted — you will see the message 'Your file is correctly formatted with no errors found. Please now submit this file to confirm your declaration(s) or re-declaration(s)’
  4. now that your CSV file is ready to be submitted to our system, confirm that the information you have given is correct and complete to the best of the employer's knowledge and belief. As well as confirming that you are authorised by the employer to submit this information on the employer's behalf
  5. click 'Submit declaration(s)’ or ‘Submit re-declaration(s)’ to send the file — you will be told that it is being processed

Confirmation of the successful file upload will be sent to you by email, and will usually reach you the following day. It will include the details of each client record you submitted.

The email includes a list of the declarations you submitted and whether they were successful or not. If a declaration has not been successfully uploaded you will be provided with the error for why it failed. You can then go back, correct the problem, and resubmit a new declaration file for that organisation by completing steps five to seven again.

Confirmation letters will be automatically sent to the most senior person in each organisation that you've listed in the file for successful declarations. This will include a breakdown of all the information submitted within the declaration.